Types of plants that can be grown hydroponically

In this era of globalization, plants, fruits and vegetables contain lots of chemicals and pesticides, which if we consume can be harmful to our bodies and can cause various diseases.
It would be better if we could grow it ourselves in the yard or in our garden and also in the attic of the house if our house only has a narrow area. Planting vegetables we can use hydroponic techniques. What is hydroponics,

Hydroponics is to grow vegetables with water media.

So now I will write down what types of vegetables can be grown in a hydroponic system;


This vegetable is easier to germinate in a humid environment, and makes it one of the most desirable vegetables to grow hydroponically. Within a few days of sowing, the seeds will sprout and in about a week the seedlings can be transferred to a larger hydroponic container.
Spinach grown hydroponically can be harvested after 20-25 days from the seeding process.
There are two kinds of spinach that are grown hydroponically, namely green spinach and red spinach.

  • DRY lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable that can be a complementary ingredient to cooking and its taste and benefits have made a lot of demand in the market increase, and it is rather expensive.
This lettuce can also be grown hydroponically and most people plant it. Lettuce has many types of curly lettuce, one of which is. Lettuce can be harvested when it is 30 to 40 days from seeding. Because lettuce can reach 65-130 days for adults, if you reach that age the taste of lettuce becomes bitter, and is usually used as an ingredient to take the seeds

  • KALE

This one vegetable is also a popular vegetable that is consumed by many people, because of the delicious and savory taste of kale which makes people who consume it not get tired of eating it. Water spinach can also be grown hydroponically, the kale nursery lasts for 7 days, then the seeds are moved to another place. big.
kale can be harvested after the age of 20 to 25 days.

  • Lettuce romaine

This vegetable is a type of vegetable that grows oval, wide leaf heads.
Letuce is much liked by the people of the Middle East and European society to make a Caesar salad made from romaine lettuce, olive oil, lemon juice, eggs and black pepper.


The way to plant this vegetable is a little different if it is planted hydroponically, because the spacing is a bit far, about 15 x 15 cm. Mustard greens can be harvested when they are 22 to 30 days old.


These vegetables can also be grown hydroponically, these vegetables are usually found in the highlands,
But if it is planted in a hydroponic system, it can easily grow asan we painstakingly take care of it.
Many of these vegetables are processed into delicious dishes and beneficial for our health.

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